Ranong is Thailand's least populated and greenest province. 80% of the land is covered in forest and it's nature is truly spectacular with breathtaking scenery. Evergreen vegetation, stretched jungles with rare preserved orchids, birds and monkeys, mangrove forest, hot springs and several island with stretched beaches, mark the nature of Ranong province

Within Ranong town you can easily get around and discover the local markets or taste the famous and delicious food of Southern Thailand.

Ranong town is only separated from Myanmar (Burma) by the Pakchan river, which makes it easy to makes a one day (VISA) Tour to Victoria point, a near by border town of Myanmar and only 1 hour away by boat. You can also discover the beautiful island of Koh Chang.
Relaxing peacefully with nature.

Do not confuse this island with the other Koh Chang Island in the Gulf of Thailand! This is Koh Chang Island on the west coast of Thailand in Ranong province. The island is situated in the Andaman sea and it's shape looks like a relaxing elephant.

Those who like to enjoy a holiday away from hotels, shopping malls and any traffic on wheels will find Koh Chang is the perfect hide away. Enjoy Koh Chang's pure nature, unspoiled island and the relaxed traditional spirit of Southern Thai people. On the island you will find nice beaches, mangrove forest, hornbills and monkeys.

Activities on the island is the other way to complete your holiday; snorkeling, fishing, kayaking or discover the secret of the jungle.